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Flagged for review

"This image won't be visible to other users until it's reviewed by our moderators."

Almost all of my works, both old and new, seem to randomly receive this message, which is why they are not visible to ordinary users, I understand that this is some kind of automatic system that works incomprehensibly, you can post a whole set of +18 and half of the images will be under this flag (which is not clear when they will be checked and removed), and half without. Can you give a detailed explanation of what this notification reacts to and how long does moderation check the art for?

7 Answers

Me too, all uploaded images are marked for review.

Hi! There's an AI process running which checks all uploaded images and flags those which it detects have minors in them. It doesn't have to be nsfw - all minor content is put into a moderation queue where it will be reviewed by a human moderator.

From there it will either be passed and will show up to all users, or it will be deleted from the model card.

There's also no definitive timescale for review - we review the queue as quickly as possible, and there's usually one mod working the queue at any time.

Hope that helps!

I'm pretty sure this message is because the system detected an underage face and nudity in the same image. It is clearly prone to false positives... one of my cybernetic frog images got flagged.

Me too,a half of my uploaded images are marked for review.

Same this start to become problematic, I have a lot of image waiting for many day to be validated and they do not contain child. The most old waiting for validation date from 10 or 15 days back. It's too long.

This is still a problem, right? I uploaded my first two images one week ago and I am still waiting.

I just got it on my last post. It doesn't even show any nudity, yet I still got the flagged mark. I'm really curious as to how the system reviewed it, we need clearer guidelines.

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