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Empty Grey Box Grey Out The Site

I keep get this random grey tab with a X button once in a while, but it can't be close. I can't click anything or close the box, so I have to refresh it multiple time for it to go away. How can I fix that?

2 Answers

Hi there,

Developers are aware, thanks!

Well you're not the only one. I'm getting the same thing as well. It only happens after I login. For reference, I've tried different browsers with all extensions disabled and I've made sure the site notifications are all read. Using the HTML inspector in browsers, looks like it has something to do with a notification overlay called Mantine Modal. Since each of us are not the only ones, it must be on the site side.

I also use a manual refresh a few times if I'm in a hurry. However, if you're feeling lucky and have used the HTML inspectors before in Chrome and Firefox, you can right click grey box and inspect that element. If you remove the line that has a blank <div> above the stuff labeled "ltr" and "manting-Rfr6" (5 or 6 lines above the one it highlights), it should go away. Sometimes it comes back after you navigate to the next page, other times it doesn't come back for several navigations.

It can be quite irritating and I'm sure we're not the only 2 users experiencing this. Hopefully the site devs fix it.

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