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I am confused..

Under most of the models there are usage rights, but at the same time, there's "creativeml-openrail-m" written right next to it too.

Now, WHICH exactly is the license? Because many forbid certain uses, which are instead granted by the openrail.

Also, there is no downloadable document attesting those restrictions and the very same models can also be found on Huggingface with the creativeml-openrail-m and not the, apparently, restricted one we find here.

In confusion, I asked to a particular creator: "SG_161222" about their model "Realistic Vision"'s license, which is under "creativeml-openrail-m" but also forbids to

  • Use the model without crediting the creator

  • Run on services that generate images for money

  • Sell this model or merges using this model

  • Have different permissions when sharing merges

and they answered me with:

The real license is "creativeml-openrail-m"

So my confusion ramped up even more.

WHICH exactly are our usage rights?

The license 1, the license 2, a mix of both, depends on where we download it... How can we prove that the license was this or that in front of a judge? Also considering that CivitAI pages are excluded from the WaybackMachine?

Anybody can clean this out?

1 Answer

Hi, the Civitai "license" section are "requests" - not a formal license.

There's some text below the settings indicating this;


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