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Disable or filter out merged models?


Does the website make a distinction between OC checkpoints and those resulting from merging existing models together?

I think it's important to capture this metadata somewhere, if only because original models represent a heckuva lot more labor than merges (which isn't to say that some merged models aren't great!)


5 Answers

It's mostly up to how verbose the authors are in their documentation. Trained models can have training info (i.e. epochs, steps) added that will give it away. Usually for mixes authors will include the genetics for the mix. I do agree that adding a flag or separate category for trained/mixed would be useful.

A good example of an author including training info

I never include any information on steps/epochs and my models are intended to be mixed. If there was a flag to indicate which ones are merged I would use it.
Generally our models used a single trigger word, although it is not really needed because a strong style can affect the whole model. We uploaded a few merged models to demonstrate what can be achieved by merging, then you will have two trigger words you can use to weight in your prompts. This is extremely powerful.

Of course an uploader might not bother to include the other trigger words if they so choose, so it depends on that too. We intend that people will mix our models like paint colors to achieve new and interesting Aesthetics. Sure you can use our models straight, but really the value of them is only unlocked through merging.

As an example, this model was created through the merging of 3 of our style models A+B,B+C, and combining the results to make a 25/50/25 merge.

I agree with the OP that its important to distinguish between the merged models somehow, but a checkpoint is a checkpoint, so it's honor rules. If the uploader doesn't pick it you won't really know.

Personally I look forward to seeing the models/images created by people created through merging ours with others! We spent a very long time building our models for this purpose.

Agreed it'd be cool to have a different category. Also being extremely new i dont even know how to remember the epochs and all that - so learning all this is amazing.

It looks like Civitai added a filter for merged models in the last few weeks! Thank you.

I'm not sure if there's a way to mark this thread as solved, but I am happy with the implementation.

Sadly one would have to go back and tag all the merges / have authors tag their own models, and many won't be arsed.

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