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md5sum on model page

In light of the corrupted model downloads some users have experienced in recent days, it may be a good idea to put the model's md5sum on the model's page. This could help users troubleshoot problems with the model, saving them time with trying to adjust settings or reinstall packages, when their model file is the problem.

On linux, you can see a file's md5sum by using this command:

md5sum 'path to file'

On windows:

Get-FileHash 'path to file' -Algorithm MD5

2 Answers

Every model download already has AutoV1, autoV2, CRC32, SHA256 and Blake3. Just look at the Hash line of the model details. You can click the > icon to change hash type.

Afaik, the Auto checksums are the same used in automatic1111, so it should be easy to check it in the UI itself without using external tools.

Since it already has SHA256, on windows 10, the command is:

certutil -hashfile filenamehere SHA256

I see that now. I always clicked the download button from the top right corner. I didn't realize there was another box with different info further down.

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