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Where do you get pictures for train?

Hey guys,

I want to train some Models but my biggest problem is finding images.
I've made one of "Mount Girl" from MHA, but I've read a lot about training and want to improve this LoRA.

I've used the linked images for the LoRA, but now I wouldn't take them all again.
But I would like to get a feel for what doesn't work at all.
Which of the images would you definitely not use?

I can't find really good images.
How would you handle this? Are Screenshots a good way to go?
I couldnt really find good ones with Grabber.

Image Link

2 Answers

The best source for images is Instagram. Everybody puts only the best images there and does their best to tag them. Professional photographers or AI artists will have photoshopped images of higher quality, but everything goes.

Install this extension on Chrome and log in to Instagram on the desktop. You will have a download button below posts and you can also grab the full profile in one go.

The second best source would be free stock photo sites, like FreePik. High-res images and clean backgrounds.

The third Google Images with size set to large (or medium if low results).

More inspiration for you on Behance and other portfolio websites (DeviantArt etc)

Websites like give you high-res screen grabs from movies.

For video games, search for video game name + (press kit OR artbook OR fan art OR walkthrough OR screenshots).

Ask ChatGPT for any list of movies, video games, or anything else by any criteria you want.

More extreme methods would be:

  1. taking screenshots from the video files

  2. turning the 3d model around and taking screenshots on SketchFab.

Hope this helps!

To add to the post above: For movie screenshots For non-hentai stuff To piss artists off

And a few 'free' stock photo places:

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