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Hide content from this user

Hello, on civitai now the "hide content from this user" is not working as befor. Because now the user will been shown but with a darker windows. i hate one user who post hundreds of lora model that will all be the same and redundant and i will NOT see his stuff. Now i see his hundreds of models darker and i must scroll thru ist to see one regular user. please, please change this again.

6 Answers

yep , ive no idea why they changed this , im pretty sure we are talking about the same guy who spam meaningless lorax100

Hi, I've passed this on to the development team. Thanks.

same situation, waiting for the reply from dev team.

I still have the same symptoms. in site 'Hide content from this user' is not working we need to 'Hide user' of 'blacklist user' system. plz fix plz fix plz fix plz fix plz fix plz fix plz fix plz fix plz fix plz fix

Please please please implement an option to block users. It’s so frustrating

please just make simple hide user button on the user profile, it will be help, Some contents really annoying!

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