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List of issues with new UI

How do you give a rating? Do you have to post a gallery? What happened to all reviews without images? They just vanish?

Models with galleries copied on multiple versions fill up the gallery list with every duplicate. (Should these be mixed in with user galleries at all?)

"About this version" section should be visible by default.

"Discussion" section is unnecessarily big when there are no comments. (Suggestion: how about putting them in the same section as gallery like before, but separating them on the right?)

Model/version editing seems pretty broken but I figure that'll get fixed.

Edit: detail, but posting this "question" made a notification appear saying I successfully posted a new model.

3 Answers

More issues:

It's very unclear that there even is a way to see reviews/gallery's comments, and more importantly all replies to them before the update have vanished!

Reactions to galleries made prior to update have also vanished. I normally wouldn't care except they're now sorted by amount of reactions by default so that seems pretty lame.

Also I don't think galleries should be separated by version. It seems they only get separated when you click on a version that isn't the newest (because then nothing happens), which is very confusing. There should be a separate version selector next to the gallery sorting menu to sort galleries by version.

And you question system is borked, my answer keeps vanishing, and then if it's there it tells me I don't have permission to edit so I have to make a new answer and delete the previous to edit.

gallery is unnecessary

This is 2 months old and I just posted a question, and it said "new model posted". So obviously this is not high on the priority, despite it being super confusing.

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