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Model or Embedding for realistic Eyes, Hands & Fingers

Just a thought can someone with experience in creating embeddings or checkpoints try to train a model with high-res pictures 2048px or more of hands, fingers and eyes to solve that problem of bad mutated hands and ugly eyes once and for all? I think we have now enough models of vaginas, tits and dicks. 😂😂😂 LOL

2 Answers

Bad eyes, fingers and poses need a multi-faceted approach!

  • We can use a good VAE file, like the one for the Anything v3 model, which does a good job of fine-tuning eyes, and hand anatomy.

  • We can use this Textual Inversion (Huggingface Link Nerfgun3/bad-prompt) which is trained on bad hand anatomy, bad posture, bad poses, etc. You call it in your negative prompt.

  • And lastly, your choice of model really affects this. Some models just inherently produce better eyes and hands! My StolenDreams mix or Elldreth's Vivid mix produce good hands and eyes - without any VAE, or the bad-prompt embed.

Hey Ally, thanks very much will give it a try next time. For the picture below I had to use inpaint a couple of times until it looked "okay-ish" and in the end I just blurred the hands in Photoshop. LOL

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