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Is the new upload system borked?

Tried uploading a Lora, Civitai went down. Came back, retried process. Now there's a new UI and not a single bugfix to the tedious tagging process. Keep going, pages keep freezing and needing to reload to update, wiping a great deal of text and info every time. Then it went down again. Go out for exercise, come back, site still down. Reload all the things, wait, see that the Lora has uploaded, and now has 3 duplicate versions, two of which can't be deleted. Eventually just delete the thing, and it's still up in some form and claims it's ready for publishing. Clicking anything but publish sends me to random pages, can't see it in a different browser, I assume it's gone.

My second try had the same issues, minus crashing the whole site. The file upload pages for the lora and images have to be reloaded, and more than one tag for images breaks it. Final project has one version, all the correct data, but no images. My profile shows it with a thumbnail, but the gallery is empty no matter how many times I try to add images to it. Reloading now no longer works, and I am powerless.

The "Newest" tab says there haven't been any uploads in 13 hours based on the last updated model, so has anyone else been having issues? I just want to get my stuff up and finish cooking up more model-specific versions. I got it to upload after a while of waiting, but the page just 404's so I've unpublished it so someone in charge can debug it.

In case someone wants to see, here's the original "deleted" model (with the 2 dead versions intact):

Here's the current one that won't publish (correctly):

1 Answer

Hey, sorry about that. We've been having trouble with our database since launch (I decided it'd be a good idea to migrate infrastructure at the same time as our big release, doh).

It looks like we failed to scan your images likely due to down time which probably caused this problem. The images are scanned now and it looks like your model should be ready to publish :)

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