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I can't say I like the update.

I was replying to a person under one of the images in very long posts, and now the whole discussion is gone.

I also don't see the point of a mixed gallery, I used to prepare nice previews on purpose, but now everything on the page is also in the gallery. We already have a shared gallery below the discussion block as it is.

I also download previews separately when downloading Lora/models, now it's complicated. When downloading Makoto Shinkai's Lora, the creator and user images were going scattered.

I want to, but can't say I like this update. Now I feel like I have less control over what I do.

At least, bring back the erased posts.

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Also, several of my images were done on anything-v3-fp16-pruned, but "Resources" lists wrong model "fantasy". This is misleading.

I agree with what you're saying, especially about the mixed gallery. Perhaps some uploaders like the feature, but an option to disable it would be nice.

I'm also unable to mange the images for some of my previously uploaded models.

I think mixed gallery is fine as long as author can exclude images. Even better if there was an profile setting to keep all excluded by default so that instead author can include at will. Then everyone can keep it the way they prefer.

What I wish was added was some button that would allow different gallery view where images are not stacked. It's often hard to see that transparent arrows.

You'll be pleased to learn that the mixed carrousel was rolled back. For now, the sample images in the carrousel will only include those uploaded by the content creator.


I agree

It is also no longer possible to report own posts for removal of completely unprompted and derogatory "nsfw-ish" tags that are all false positives.
Back then it was removed the next day I reported it, now it just sits there even when I asked my friends to report them.

Not to mention that when tuning any detector there should be a balance between false negatives and false positives, while here they just cranked it up to 11 as if seeing some boobies has ever traumatized anyone for life regardless of their age.

If you made it detect only below the waist it would be much easier than trying to figure out whether the boobs have enough clothes on them. Super simple stuff.

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