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Unwelcome AVIF File Format

This is for the Civitai devs. Can we go back to PNG, the avif format being used is useless since most image viewers can't use it and we can no longer import the images into AUTO1111's 'PNG Info' for learning prompts and data.

This was very helpful, as there was no need to copy and paste everything.

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I know that AVIF has better quality and takes up less space, but in Stable Diffusion, the built-in hints for images are not displayed, and in Win11, I cannot view thumbnails directly. I asked GPT for help last night with Win11, but the URLs and methods he gave me are still not working. I think the website should announce in advance if they are going to convert from JPG to AVIF, and also think of solutions to various problems that users may encounter.

PNG info in AUTO1111 is pretty much useless now.

Indeed, I was surprised a few hours ago when most images began to show up as "AVIF" !

WHY?! WHY ?... At least make them into Jpeg if storing PNG on a website is too large.

With AVIF , I have to convert ALL images to Jpeg or back to PNG using some online AVIF-to-Jpeg converter !


Yes it's truly obnoxious to switch to .avif with no user option to use the original .png file. The loss of metadata obviously kills the core purpose of the images. Furthermore, there are multiple image viewers that can't handle the format. Including the main viewer I use in my workflow, uhg!

I'm almost speechless that the decision to do it like this was made on a site dedicated to AI generated images.

Edit: Add a "Download original .png" button to the images, then problem solved (should have been there from the start).

If file size is a concern, images could be converted to avif upon upload, then allow the user to download the image as png. The conversion from avif to png, and metadata injection could happen client side in the browser, so the server isn't handling a large png.

Can we go back to png pls at least until i finish my Ref-Images Library ;-)? If i convert the images now with some 3rd party software it just makes it viewable but metada is lost anyways. Also the images have the ending .png.avif now. If space is a concern maybe it would be enough if the creators can upload png at least so we can get some usable examples

I'm just voicing out my frustration just like any others, but this website as far as I can tell is the only site that saves metadata in their .png files. Its a sad state its in right now but I do hope you devs realize what is going on, why even do this to begin with? Honestly, what are you guys doing? Seriously, if you wanna test something out do it on a separate place. I do wonder how it went down in the conference room where you lot talked to one another if its a good idea to implement, I really do wonder what went over on your heads guys.

And communicate to us better instead of trying to ignore us over here on the main site. Thanks.


We did this to drastically increase image load speed,
In the near future we're adding a toggle for "I want fast images" (AVIF) or "I want images with Metadata" (PNG)
This means you can browse quickly, then swap when you find something you want to download

The AVIF default format has been reverted back to PNG/JPG by default, you can toggle back to AVIF for faster browsing in your account settings

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