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Images Hidden even tho all settings are enabled.

Hello there seems to be an issue with the site hiding images because of "Settings on my account" but all filters are disabled and all See NSFW check marks are enabled. This mostly seems to be affecting any model that was uploaded in the past 24 hours.

Several Hours ago I opened a few tabs of models that were recently uploaded on my phone, and when I came home I was going to browse the site and download them. However I couldn't find the uploads in question on the main page. Luckily I had to links to said models. A few examples:

The download page has all images hidden even tho I should be able to see them, and since images are hidden I'm only able to find and download the models if I know the link or name, since with out a viewable image links don't appear in search results. This is very annoying when trying to browse for content, as I might missing things I didn't even realize existed. I'm pretty sure this particular issue is a bug, since I can still see NSFW content, just not anything that was recently uploaded. But overall I think there needs to be a way to "See" links to "NSFW/Flagged" Content even if you don't want to look at the images for what ever reason, at least if your logged in. Maybe just blur out the images and add a "one time override button". I'm just trying to come up with some suggestion since this is a problem that been bugging me with the site for quite sometime, considering a few days ago my NSFW filter was unknowingly turned on and I assumed some of my favorite models were removed but were instead "hidden" because you can only access them as I said "if you know the links or name of the upload"

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I have the same problem. The image bug makes some Loras and Checkpoints simply not appear in the search box, it even hides them from the profile of the users who created them.

Example, I had this lora saved in the history:

If I try to view it now, it shows up without images with the caption: "No showcase images available

No images from this creator match your content preferences. Adjust your settings or explore the community gallery below."

If I go to this user's profile:

I see that this Lora and many others that he had, simply do not appear.

Please fix the problem, thank you.

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