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All my posted images were just gone,why?

I need an explanation, Civitai, I don't know if you did this on purpose or if there is a bug, but if you don't fix it, it will be a devastating blow to this community.

4 Answers

Yea same, I have again this bug of the LORA not showing images, And Now not even showing anymore if you try to search him, It was working perfectly yesterday, what are they doing ?

I have the same problem. The image bug makes some Loras and Checkpoints simply not appear in the search box, it even hides them from the profile of the users who created them.

Example, I had this lora saved in the history:

If I try to view it now, it shows up without images with the caption: "No showcase images available

No images from this creator match your content preferences. Adjust your settings or explore the community gallery below."

If I go to this user's profile:

I see that this Lora and many others that he had, simply do not appear.

Please fix the problem, thank you.

I have the same problem.
Post was deleted along with the attached images.

after the update, I received a notification that they are lost, you just need to add them again

same problem.

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