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Your update was terrible, very very terrible,Civitai

Can you give us back the old version? I don't wanna use this version any more, the experience is as bad as it gets.

6 Answers

terrible ... their problem!!!!

Just be patient, things are getting easier it just is hard when new updates take a while. it's a site in progress y'all should understand and have more patience

I'm also not very fond of this update and prefer the previous one. I hope the next update will be better. I'm sure they have worked hard on this

yep , the old one is almost perfect and some how you guys want to implant "gallery" which is totally not needed

Wow, this is a great piece of feedback, clearly lists your specific complaints and makes it clear what you'd like to be changed and why you'd like that. Well done, this wasn't just incoherent whining that doesn't help.

Agree, the model and poses need huge database and GPU. I can understand why it is terrible to upload models. Also hope civitai can improve it.

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