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Go back to PNG File Format

I know AVIF has better quality and takes up less space, but in Stable Diffusion, the built-in hints for images are not displayed, and in Win11, I cannot view thumbnails directly. I think the website should announce in advance if they are going to convert from PNG to AVIF.

I suggest go back to png.and limit to upload picture numbers.

or png for membership only.

PNG with tags inside. So it is very important for Stable Diffusion.

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I think the same

I think the same too


Yes please

Maybe CivitAI could have a 'download as PNG' option. To skip on saving PNGs and doing double the work, they could code something which, when the 'download as PNG' option is used, converts the AVIF to PNG, gives it the tags that are displayed in the browser, and then deletes the PNG off the server when it's downloaded. I'm not a web developer though so idk how feasible this is.

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