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My problems with the new changes (reviews, gallery, other)

Let me preface this post by saying civitai is pretty much the only reason I'm so into SD right now, so thanks civit team.

A few days ago, some changes were made. Since then I've noticed:

  • number of reviews have gone way down

  • reviews with no image are hidden/deleted - along with their (often very useful) text accompaniement

  • older reviews with an image that contained a text comment - now the text is gone...?

  • requirement to post an image to review seems unnecessary

  • webpage 'gallery' section consumes enormous amount of real estate while default showcasing highest rated images first, which many times is an older version of that file

  • also on this vein, the tag recommendations are simply generic tags and have zero correlation to the file itself, and therefore are a suboptimal use of space

  • 'About this version' is default hidden by a dropdown - imo a pointless change

  • and the latest AVIF file issue

I don't understand the motive behind these changes. If Civit is trying to increase engagement by being an image sharing platform too, perhaps consider a forum.

Civitai is currently the premiere 'marketplace' for all SD files. Please don't fix something that isn't broken.

If you're trying to maximize user engagement, I would suggest replicating's review/market place layout. They've poured millions of $ into their UI/UX. Contain an expandable image side bar (3x3 grid) perhaps instead of the huge section we have now? Make the reviews section near the bottom of the page. Make reviews easy to navigate, edit, and create.

Meanwhile, changes that I'm still waiting for:

  • DM feature

  • Bio in profile

As a creator, I am slightly less inclined to upload. My 2 cents. Just some feedback with no filter. Once again, thanks for all you do

1 Answer

Yes, I can no longer see text comments with images attached from reviews it seems, and new ones are separated so it's hard to see who made what when reviewing.

I feel they also need to address the models/lora/everything that get uploaded with 0 information, and a single cover image. Tagging is next to useless to search as well, since people misuse them all the time (like using style for fashion and not... actual art styles / stylizations.)

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