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Model training?

How can I train a model that has a variety of things in it, not just a single person, or a dog, or an art style? I wanted to do a few of them, but I also want to experiement with one that would be a logo designer using a bunch of logos that I have in old hard drives that I have done over the years. Obviously, that wouldn't be just one single style. How can I go about making this experiment happen and still have everything contained in one model?

1 Answer

I only know how to do it with LoRA, but you'd create separate folders for the different things you want and tag them accordingly adding a trigger word to the beginning for each of them respectively with a token skip of 1 and shuffle on if using the kohya_ss webui. It would all get trained into that LoRA file and you'd use a trigger word to "activate" whatever it is you wanted. folder setup for multiple concepts

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