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VRAM Cache Not Clearing

Hi, I have 2060 SUPER 8GB VRAM, and I can generate images mostly just fine. But sometimes when generating an image, I get out-of-memory error and then my VRAM cache is not getting cleared properly. Like it's sitting at 6GB/8GB and my only way to fix it is to restart the webui-user.bat. Is there a fix for this? I currently have "set COMMANDLINE_ARGS=--xformers --no-half-vae"

2 Answers

Possible solution is to reduce the batch size of your model during generation, which can help to lower memory usage.

As for the issue with your VRAM cache not getting cleared properly, you can try manually clearing the cache using a command like "nvidia-smi --gpu-reset -i 0" in the terminal.

--xformers --medvram --disable-nan-check

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