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Creating a review now is a lame process

I don't know Why you changed the Old's system of review, The Old one was clearly Better, Now people can't even review without posting a image, Sometime i prefer to review people without posting an image and generally it's useful informations.

Also because of this generally people that create Model or LORA, have less review, because it's a lame processus to review now.

Revert it Civ, It was Better before.

2 Answers

And who thought it was a good idea to allow the creator to review themselves? From what I've seen, you can do it multiple times too.


The OP of this has reviewed their own model multiple times. (I respect the hustle and don't have anything against them or the model, just using it as an example as there are many like this) I'm dunno if these count towards the overall rating or not, but the fact it's even shown as a 5* if it doesn't seems like a bug.

Agree with KXRO here, the new review system kinda sucks.....

but with this new review system, I think Civitai encourages users who download the model to showcase it on their reviews..

With this image-making system there's also a chance for promoting others, for example, if you use a checkpoint from someone, it will show at their gallery as a cross-post (I love this feature so much)

Having said that, as a creator here myself, at the end of the day this system sucks for my rank because now fewer people giving me review

(even one of my Lora have 0 reviews even though it has thousands of downloads)

This got 1,1 k downloads, 200-ish likes....... 0 reviews LOL

So, I think Civitai needs to revise their weight point on reviews for the rank

But on the bright side, I'm looking forward to seeing the image creation from users that use my Lora on their reviews

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