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This model permits users to - help a noob plz

Hello all, I'm pretty new on this world, an on this site, and don't want to make mistakes.

I'm totally noob on stable diffusion (I'm using it only from some weeks)

I have just tryed some of the models here, and they look just incredible comparate to the "standard" model from the stable-diffusion website. What I ask to explane me please, is about the license for the immages generated by this models.

I have found this disclamer under the models:

  • Use the model without crediting the creator

  • Sell images they generate

  • Run on services that generate images for money

  • Share merges using this model

  • Sell this model or merges using this model

  • Have different permissions when sharing merges

I understood many of this point, but for example the point: "Run on services that generate images for money" I do not understand if the immages generates can be used (for exemple) on social (facebook, instagram etc) and on youtube (and if is possible atctivate te monetization on a video that have those immages for exemple.

Thnaks alot in advance for responding to this. (And exscuse my for my bad english).

3 Answers

It's enforcing in terms of generator sites like fantasy ai and sink in. Commercial licencing per SE , and it doesn't always apply to the end user .. but if a model says 'do not sell images ' then pls respect

It's an unenforceable "license". It has no teeth outside this website.

Besides straight plagiarism, go ahead and use the images you generate however you like.


So, the "license" we have on the model page is a guide/preference of the creator - they're not enforceable rules in any way.

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