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404 Error When Trying to Access My Posts and Images

I would like to report an issue that I have been experiencing on the website. When I try to access my posts or my images from the main menu, I get an error message that says "404. The page you are looking for doesn't exist".

This error is quite frustrating. I have tried to fix it by clearing my browser's cache and cookies, but the issue persists.

I hope the developers can look into this problem. I love using this website and I hope to continue using it without any issues.

Thank you for your attention.

5 Answers

i also had this problem rn T_T

I have the same problem, too.

Go to the Discord and see if there is an outage

If there is, wait until it is resolved, then try again

If there is not, there probably is. Wait until it is resolved, then try again

The issue should be resolved by now. Please let us know if you're still experiencing issues when trying to view your posts or images. Hope it helps!

I'm also still getting the 404 error when trying to access my posted images. When I make a new post my username displays as 'SomethingSomethi5525', instead of 'SomethingSomethingUsername', maybe that's related.

EDIT: Resolved! Changing my nickname to 'SomethingSomethi5525' in Account Settings allowed me to access my account again.

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