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How to identify LyCORIS Files

So let's say someone did something silly like stuck all their LORA and LYCORIS files into the same bucket.

I thought they could all be called via <lora:derpderp_v10:1.1> but that doesn't seem to be the case.

It seems to me, in general, that I can only get a LYCORIS to work correctly if I invoke it via <lyco:namehere_v10:1.5>.

Now, I've got a file dinkydinkydoo, and I really don't know if it's a LORA or a LYCORIS. Is there a way to know which format it actually is?

2 Answers

They're named based on what they are, one and two - they're marked in the model file. Beyond that if you can't remember what they are please refer back to the model card.

Find the model in the Extra Networks tab and click on the little square that (hopefully) appears in the top right when you hover over the model in order to show the training info and then look for at the "ss_network_module" setting if it exists.

If it is a LyCORIS you will see something like this: "ss_network_module": "lycoris.kohya",

If it is a LoRA it will be "ss_network_module": "networks.lora"


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