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Shadowbanned in Civitai? Notification about New models from followed users are gone

Hi Civitai, there's a bug/error in your notification system lately,

Notification about one of my creator friends that I follow never show up anymore on my notification alert

I still can see his reply on my comment but weirdly I didn't see any notification whenever he upload a new model

Weirdly enough, another creator who I follow still got their notification alert on mine

Strangely, I think is not about an NSFW thing cause the creator that I got notification ones was the one who creates NSFW thing while the one who got "Shadowbanned" is following all the rule about Civitai's NSFW guide

Is this a bug or you shadowbanning creator now?

1 Answer

As far as I KNOW personally (i'm not staff) this SEEMS like a bug. I've not been seeing every notification and there has been code bugs popping up a lot.

Maybe flick a message to the site owner?

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