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Gothic lolita and Lolita Fashion TOS

Can you make your TOS system smarter please? It blocks ALL of my arts in which there is a "gothic lolita" and "lolita fashion" style, can I make sure that your TOS system does not react to this combination of words? It's just a STYLE, the characters are NOT CHILDREN and they are not just not undressed, they are too dressed!

10 Answers

totally agree , people use the tag "loli" to change the style and touch , that doesnt mean we are making child porn ffs

Honestly, if you can't come up with a description or name for your stuff that doesn't include "loli", you need to expand your vocabulary.

Doesn't matter it's a style of clothing similar to goth. Look it up. It's a rational and logical concern.

And really the censorship of this site is backwards and broken. It doesn't work. It just makes uploading anything problematic generally.

ahh, the old censorship complaints. go host your stuff on some back alley like 4chan, then.

if you use loli you are a pedophile

I personally don't like loli art (find it too immature 'looking' for my taste), however, Loli by definition is neutral of age and means young/young-looking - does not mean underage. An age 19 female just by looks can be classified as Loli as they may look younger than they are, Loli.

Yeah, that would be nice. "Lolita fashion" and "loli" are two completely different things! Like, how tf are people getting these mixed up????

For reference, THIS is lolita fashion! You DENSE MFs!

It's a shame there isn't a less edgy term for fashion involving people who like to dress up like Victorian era porcelain dolls.

"Porcelain Goth" or "Victorian Noire" or something.

>literally caring about non-existent character that weren't even DRAWN by some potential "pedo"

it's just pixels ffs, latent noise

(here come the jokes about being a latent pedo)

This is one of the rules that makes no sense. You can find female child characters on the site, you can find titles that say literally Loli

or the word obfuscated a bit and whole Checkpoints dedicated to the subject, but they just say "cute" or "kawaii". But we can't post a fashion tag? So yeah, I second this.

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