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Review Incentives

I have noticed that some nice LORA's simply go on without user reviews and non author galleries pretty much forever.

Would it be possible to make some bragging rights rewards like a badge and achievement for reviewers(of course only for those who add a valid gallery)?

Maybe something like making the first review a model or lora receives give 10 points, the subsequent 9 reviews 5 points and above 10 reviews 1 point. That way we can reward unknown models and LORAs being properly reviewed.

Another idea would be a "discover" tab with the user adding some tags and it randomly displaying galleries, maybe prioritizing older ones o less reviewed ones.

2 Answers

nah reward system will only make the popular uploader even more popular , however the random button i think we need it

Reward systems yea might do what xhamster says, but at the same time - there's meant to be notifications for "you should review x thing" and iv'e not seen ANY in like two weeks LOL - They're working on it amongst other things, it just depends on the thing. I've got content i've been extremely proud of that LITERALLY sits with 0 reviews and content i farted out in 5 minutes that gets 2+ reviews...

More image reviews would be helpful, though i don't mind anyone who's just passing by, has used it and rates without a statement OR picture - as long as they're enjoying it. More images WOULD be helpful but sometimes people forget ot review RIGHT away, lose where their content goes and forgets entirely.

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