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Random moderation/guideline suggestion (controversial)

You shouldn't be allowed to post nude image of celebrities. If this rule already exists, the mods should manage it better.

3 Answers

Not sure if it DOES exist, and clearly this is something important because it could be considered "real" and "official" ot some, and could cause future lawsuits.

This issue keeps getting raised (also for politicians & similar) but CivitAI keeps not doing anything 🤷‍♂️ A while back when the site was a bit newer there were clear rules stating that you cant do this on several places on the website, but now-a-days this only seems to be mentioned in the TOS (in a somewhat vague manner) and its not enforced at all. I tried raising the issue on their github discussions a while ago (hoping to get the staff to properly discuss it) and they just removed my post 🤷‍♂️

These days i've stopped reporting LORA's etc that break the TOS, because after a few dozen reports i've yet to see any of those reports have any actual effect. To be blunt (and a bit ruder then i intend to be) they just don't care. For that matter moderation as a whole seems to have declined when they introduced paid accounts etc, there might be some connection there? (cant deny paid users what they paid for or something?)

Having said that, i did notice a lot of celebrity etc LORA's & TI's suddenly got removed without any notice a few weeks ago, but i very strongly feel like CivitAI didn't choose to do that on their own, somebody somewhere got proper mad and told them to do that in a serious enough tone that they actually complied. But just a few weeks later people are re-uploading those same LORA's and TI's again with the literal descriptions "because somebody removed this" & CivitAI doesn't do anything about it 🤷‍♂️

Lets be real, CivitAI is gonna get sued to sh*t some time soon by some big celebrity agency, despite our best efforts.

Hey all,

So the bottom line is, Civitai does not allow NSFW images of real people - celebs, politicians, etc. It's in the ToS and it's enforced. If you see it, report it. It will be reviewed, and anyone saying it's not dealt with is incorrect.

The suggestion that it's not enforced is patently untrue. Literally thousands of ToS breaking images are caught by our image scanners, or removed manually by our moderation team every single week.

We have over 1 million active members, and receive tens of thousands of new images and pieces of content each week. Our moderators work flat-out to make sure that content abides by our ToS, but we do rely on the community to help us police content.


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