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Some models don't appear in the feed?


Yesterday I saw a new model released on reddit called Flexible Diffusion, and was surprised not to see it on CivitAI. I explicitly searched for it in the search box though, and it appeared in the results (

I sorted the feed by "newest", and checked that I didn't have any active filter, but this specific model doesn't appear in my feed for some reason. I'm wondering how many other models I may have missed, if it is a bug?

Hope it will be helpful, and keep up the great work!

3 Answers


hi michoko, in order to help you better could you tell me if you were using PC or mobile when searching through the models with the "Newest" sorting option? Also, were you logged into CivitAI or viewing as a guest?

Hi, thank you for your reply. I think I saw both the issue on my Android tablet and PC. Yes, I was logged in, and the model's author was not in my black list 🙂

i have this bug too some models dont show up on feed

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