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Are we serious right now? Are we trying to make this site safe for children?

That is legitimately the worst idea I've seen thus far implemented.

With the amount of content on this site... you simply cannot do that.

You're just making it a gateway for kids to see shit they should not be by doing this!

With the only door between them and that content a simple toggle switch.

Short of making people confirm their age when they sign up this cannot be policed.

It's a terrible idea.

If you want to protect yourself put a disclaimer splash screen at the beginning that the site contains adult related content and is therefore an adult oriented site and you need to be 18+ to use it.

Otherwise you guys are going down a legal rabbit hole you do not want to travel.

I'd suggest this group contact council ASAP.

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I was wondering why a bunch of NSFW loras had been removed. What's the purpose of having the toggle switch then? Or age verification for that matter if they want to make it sfw? Also where are nsfw artists supposed to upload their models?

13 plus and the concept makes no sense

(tbh 17 plus makes less as it's one less than 18 plus? -smh)

I get you're trying to make the content on the website safe to browse but even implying this site should be used by anyone less than 18 years of age is a seriously a bad concept all around.

There's no way to police and control that and the site has literally a few small configurations and or buttons that would allow anyone to see any content they want.

The idea is moot & pointless entirely.

I agree, site should be tagged 18+ and instead of using 13+, 17+ or whatever that is, just use nudity, explicit nudity and instead of using 18+ use explicit sexual act or something. Basically, the filters are there so us adults can decide what's showing up on our screen when we browse, let's say in public transit? While I agree that there is nothing wrong with nudity, no everyone agrees and we don't want this site to be suit down because some angry mob goes after it.

I agree with making the website safe for 13+ with propper tagging, labeling, and filtering options. However it should always be considered a 18+ site as pretty much any checkpoint has nudity in it.

That +13 blur filter made this website particulary annoying to browse since you can't disable it without disabling the +18 one.

I personally find the distinction of 13+ and 18+ very useful. In your account settings you can set explicit 18+ material to not be shown while keeping on the 13+.

I agree entirely.
Minors should not be able to have access to these types of things because it's unrestricted access to NSFW content.

In my experience, there is NO safeguard against NSFW materials. Even when I include negative prompts for "NSFW, nude, explicit" I still get NSFW content on a regular basis.

I agree that the labelling "13+, 17+, 18+" is not the most appropriate as this site is not for children. But the real issue here is not being able to toggle these three tiers of ratings on and off separately.

it is inevitable for children to use this to get NSFW lora/checkpoints, unless you get very invasive checks (ID checks, some other methods), kids will lie to get access to this; id say revert to previous method of just having 18+/NSFW, 17+ makes some sense, but id just suggest the ratings to be "general", "lewd", "nsfw" if we want 3 types of ratings

If you guys want to do away with user uploaded images and loras, be my guest, because that's the only way to implement this. It'd be like pornhub implementing a SFW mode for kids. From a business standpoint, it doesn't make sense to sacrifice a portion of an adult userbase just to allow kids onto the site, though. You would be much better off creating an alternative heavily moderated + censored site rather than running this one into the ground trying to attract a universal audience. That isn't even digging into the fact it's already too restrictive on a lot of things like hentai lolis as is.

For anyone who stumbles on this and wonders what is going on, this is required by COPPA. US Federal Code of Regulations Title 16, chapter I, subchapter C, part 312 dictates that if a website is going to collect any information from users, those users must be over the age of 13.

All of the above weird arguments about NSFW content are irrelevant. This isn't suggesting that 13 year olds should be on the website. It's just complying with federal law to confirm that 12 year olds are not being illegally tracked by the website.

Virtually every model on this website can make NSFW, and labeling some models as 13+ may lead people to believe that the other models are automatically safe.

It's a legal minefield and you're better off using (safe, suggestive, mature, explicit, etc.) tags instead.

I know this is an older post but they could do what most 18+ plus discord servers do and lock all NSFW content until users verify their age with an image of their face, id, and username then they get access to NSFW content.

So hang on, I'm out of the loop. Is Citivai implementing a 13+ tag, or are Civitai users starting to use one? If a user here and there is doing it, I'm not sure what the harm is. If the images they're tagging are safe, they're something you can already see without an account anyway.

If it's Civitai, I guess I get the concern. In order to truly make it a safe site for 13+, they'd have to remove all NSFW content full stop, and people are already claiming they're shirtfronting too hard on that point. Maybe a separate sister-site should be made for 13+ that bans all NSFW content outright? Then again, running a separate site costs double the server money, so I'm not sure how feasible that is financially. Hrm... I don't envy people running user-driven art sites.

Did anyone ever contact staff regarding this?

Why should adults suffer because parents cannot monitor their children? The website says what age is suitable for whom, that’s enough. If a child violates this, then it should be the responsibility of the parents, not the site owners.

It isn’t really “unsafe” at all. It’s just images.

50% of my images are now tagged as 13+ or 17+, with some even tagged 18+ — I have never published a nude, lewd or nsfw image. It seems the censors at CIV don't really like cleavage? I say that because I have some (very few) horror images that are currently uncensored. Wtf?

What bothers me the most is the lack of communication; there are zero guidelines on what we can publish for what ages, what gets flagged or not.

And I wonder how they'll implement the age verification system; doesn't make much sense in building this tagging system without it. ATM any kid with an email can create an account.

Underage people shouldn't even have access to AI in the first place. It's a VERY powerful tool that can generate virtually anything. Even SFW models can be "hacked" most of the time with certain prompts.

Some of the content I have seen being posted lately leaves a lot to be desired. It is obvious that some members have gone out of their way to produce content that is unlawful in most countries worldwide, I am talking about the inappropriate posting of illegal naked children. I have started reporting it, but it should be removed or the owner should be banned depending on the amount on their profiles.

Any prompt asking for a "naked girl/boy" is going to produce unsuitable content with certain models. While other users have gone a step further and created LoRA's, to add to innocent models' underage content. It is disgraceful that a site of this quality has gone down this road so fast, it is not going to become better without action being taken ASAP.

It is illegal to have child porn of any kind on the internet or a computer in most countries, it is better to be safe than sorry.

I for one find it bad having to scroll down so far on pages to get past the porn. The problem is the toggle switch also switches out content that is not NSFW as well, which is beyond me.

I would volunteer to remove such posts from profiles, if their account is just more child porn than anything else then they should be banned without warning.

Civitai has been in hot water with news outlets pointing out the exponential growth of the site, but usually with a disclaimer about the amount of mature content showing up when browsing the site. They're a fast growing company with a lot of recent success, with that comes "guardrails" so that civitai is accessible for anyone and everyone.

I honestly don't see the issue with having tags on images, we have pg-13/R-ratings for movies, TV-14/MA for TV. When you were a minor, did a pg-13 rating prevent you away from watching a movie? Likely not, and as long as civit only blurs and filters explicitly mature content, how is this new 13+ tag affecting you negatively?

If kids want to find porn on the Internet, they'll find porn; as it's been since the inception of the modern internet. I'm not a father but I know if I had a 8/9-year old kid interested in AI/Art, I wouldn't just leave them unattended and let them browse at will on civitai as it was last month.

My only gripe is that the 13+ filter explicitly blurs images by default, I feel that it should just act as a label for worrying parents or who knows - classrooms that may decide to use it in the future, it seems like a non-issue. You were right to tag this post rabbithole, becauase this has been a topic of discussion for decades now over various forms of media.

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