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How long does it take to be reviewed& re-approved



I've added a FP16 version and wanted to add FP16 pruned version of my model. I started uploading first files, due it taking long to upload anything larger than 200MB I literally went to cook something to eat and then when I was back the window with next step was gone and my model has been struck with violation, moved to drafts I modified it and added missing image samples and still awaits approval from moderators.

So how long it usually takes to be manually reviewed?

2 Answers

Weird, this may have been a bot bug unless it was the type of content? Normally files like this don't go for "Moderation" unless you mean model scanning


Oh no it was definitely a bug after uploading a file, when I came back my model was hidden, moved to drafts and its says:

This model is currently being reviewed by our moderators. It will be visible to the community once it has been approved.

Status: Unpublished Violation

Missing Info: Needs model post

Which I added later from drafts section, tagged them as mature (first 32FP version was online & automatically approved). Requested a review, Now I cannot even add another version which is FP16 but pruned.

I know that they're dealing with a lot of content and It might take a while, but time frame or any kind of sign that it actually went to a manual review would help, because I'm seeing same "missing info" and "status" for 4H now.

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