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how to change my account email (gmail)

Hello, I registered automatically with my google ID, but I would like to change it to another google ID. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't see the option to change either username or email.

thank you

10 Answers


Hi azumi_miyu, the developers are enhancing the UI for Civitai constantly and are very responsive to requests that make the user experience better. I will reach out to them on your behalf and see if they can help.

Hello, I'm coming back to you to find out if I can change my login email (automatic login with gmail account, and I don't see where I can change it)

Thank you, I don't want to delete my account

I’m also having the same issue of not being able to change my email account



Same. Accidently registered with an email that is not my personal one. Would like to change it.

Me too please. I'd prefer to use an email address other than the one I signed up with.


It's been 7 months and y'all still haven't done this? Bare minimum stuff here. This should have been part of the site before it ever came online, like every other website ever. Deleting my account.


please add an option to change mail

Registered with an email-address that has unfortunately been compromised, I have the account linked via Google too, but the fact there is now an unpluggable hole in my account access in an unpleasant thought.
A simple box to change email-address would be a useful feature!

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