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What about copyright?

I plan to post my loRA, which imitate the style of Neysan, I wanted to take a couple from the site and compare, I remember that there were at least two, but now there is nothing, does this mean that they were removed for some reason, does it make sense for me to put my work?

1 Answer

I don't know if there was a reason for removing it, but my recommendation would be to link to the artist's website instead. That way users can compare directly from the source and still give visibility to the artist. Also, it's not a good experience to add non AI gens in the gallery. The better alternative, IMO, would be to have in the body of the main post (you can add links or images as a regular post), instead of the gallery.

On the other hand, Civitai may not want any issues coming from having copyrighted images where you can't guarantee you have the right to use them. See the Terms on IP.

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