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Photo resolution

Quite often I see how people upload photos with a fairly high resolution (1024x3120) and more. For me, 1024x1024 is the limit. Tell me how to do it. Thank you

2 Answers

use hires fix

You probably can't get that high without getting a gpu with more vram. If you wanna try pushing your limit a little more you can install webui extensions for VAE tiling and token merging. I have only 4GB of vram and my max is 768x1152 with VAE tiling and token merging and rendering only TWO images at a time. Can't go up to 3 or more batch size. And still sometimes I will randomly get out of memory errors and have to restart Stable Diffusion.

Highres fix isn't for simply reaching a higher resolution, it's for re-rendering already rendered lower res images. Since many models can't properly render straight to higher res without making some really bad looking images they need a base image made first at typically 512x512 or 512x768. Stable Diffusion v2 based models would be 768x768.

Since I have a slow GPU I don't use the highres fix checkbox and instead find an image I mostly like first and then take it to IMG2IMG to manually do the highres fix.

Anyway, good luck. Hopefully you can get up to 1024x1536.

Edit: Also try xformers

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