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How to cross post/set resources in an image post?

Can't figure this out, I see cross posts but don't know how to do it. Also would like to add the resources used for the image. My latest image posts are also auto populating with a resource that doesn't even exist (Yulian?)

3 Answers

There may be an issue with the website reading the metadata of your files. Seems there were some issues a day or two ago. You could try it later.

But cross posts are automatic in my experience. If I add a post with images on one of my models that includes other resources, like checkpoints or loras, then that same post will appear on the gallery of the used resources.

It would be nice if there was "database" you could search from that has all the uploaded loras etc.. It feels like most of the time it finds 1 model and 1 lora from the image even if it has several loras.

Hey all, for anyone having the same issue, turns out you need the civitai extension installed -

Resources are finally showing up in my uploaded images after installing.

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