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Petition: Model creators being able to block users

As the title indicates, I ask that model creators can block users so that none of their models appear for certain users:(Preventing the use of All your models for its users)

Considering the fact that nobody gets paid here and almost everyone does it as a hobby, it seems sick to me to have to read so many junk comments, clearly the priority must be given to those who contribute something to the community. If I feel like it, I should be able to disable my models for certain users (which is not possible).

The same with the things that they discuss in your models, they don't allow you to delete them, models are not being sold here, so it doesn't make sense to put the one who uploads their work in a worse position than the one who only liches.

4 Answers

I can understand how you feel but I don't think blocking users is the right aproach, creators should never have that much power of cersorship but I do think they should add a dislike or downvote button that everyone (registered) can use so comments or trash images are eventually hidden.

I fully support adding the feature to block users so you will no longer see posts from them. However, I don't support giving uploaders power to silence whomever they want in the comments section of their models. If there is a problem it should be handled by a (theoretically unbiased) site moderator.

I agree we desperately need the ability to block users, but I think that ability should be given to all, not just creators.
There's some creators who's content just doesn't sit well with me, and 'hiding' models from users hardly works. I still see them in the feed just slightly greyed out lol. SO damn sick of seeing that MyPillow guy holding a poop stain pillow.

I agree with the ability for everyone to down vote comments or images, so that eventually the default view will just hide them. But a "Show Contraversial" filter should reveal them. Which could just be some ratio of Up:Down Votes, maybe 1:2 that it decides to hide them, with minimum of 10 down.

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