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Reason my post was removed?

I mean I can guess why it might have been removed. For a partial nudity image I put "18 year old" in the prompt so if the moderators thought they looked like a minor (although I didn't) and removed it on those grounds and that's the site policy that's fine. But at least send out a notification for why so I'm not wondering if it was officially removed or deleted in server/webpage error. And so users who don't even notice their posts get removed don't keep posting similar content.

2 Answers

Nice, not as detailed as I would have liked but at least there's something now:

I have just had all of my data, including text reviews and images, erased by civitai.

I do not know why.

These are images and review that took serious time to write or create.

I don't think it was overly erotic compared to the other pieces.

All the clothed images also disappeared.

I don't know how it came to this.

I don't understand how everything disappears, even the text data.

There were no contacts, notifications or indications.

You may not want to submit reviews or images until guidelines and systems are in place.

It suddenly disappeared about 8 hours ago and no notice was given.

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