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So, now I've got a "model" from here, what should I do?

The FAQ sections says to check the Q&A section, but for a complete noob like me, I can't really find anything here that helps me get started.

So, could somebody be so kind as to help me get started?

5 Answers

if I want to host it as an api how would I do it for a custom Lora model? Help is appreciated thanks!

So, if your question is "you have a model" but you do not have a way to use it, then the above answers should be able to help. If your question is "you have a model" but you are not sure what to do with the prompt and such; then you can just browse the images section of civitai and click on ones you like and then click "copy generation data". You then copy that in notepad or something like that and then copy the prompt and paste it in the prompt section then copy the negative and paste it in the negative prompt area, the steps and other settings that you see you have etc. If you do not recognize the setting, then just ignore it for now. :) Once you have that, click generate and see what happens. Mess around with the prompt and see how the "model" does. The SEED part is like an ID for the image with the model it was used with it. IF you are trying to duplicate then you will need that in the seed location. I would recommend just random if you are messing around with different models and such.

Hope that made sense and you have some fun making images.

If anyone finds themselves in a position where they don't have a strong enough computer or are struggling to get one of the open source tools up and running, try us out at We often find a lot of people using us in combination with local as well, after they find their preferred settings around a certain flow they are creating, they will then spin up a more powerful cloud computer to generate a lot of generations more quickly. Maybe even just use us to try out the apps/technologies for a little bit!

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