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How do you feel about the automatic cross-posting feature?

After recent changes to the site, I noticed that images shared in a LoRa review will also end up automatically posted on the page for whatever checkpoint model was used. I'm not sure that this is always a good idea. First of all it clutters up the gallery with images that don't represent what the ckpt can do on it's own. But also, for example, I didn't really intend to share images from a very graphic body horror lora on the page for Dreamshaper, which is mostly full of aesthetically pleasing images. The thumb downs suggest that some people didn't appreciate it being there. :)

Should cross posting be optional? What do you think?

1 Answer

I like it but I think they should make it more obvious when other resources were used together without having to click and also be able to only show images made with only the resource the page is for. Should also allow manual tagging of resources since I keep getting nothing detected for various resources I used and there are some that are undetectable anyway.

Personally I'd rather be able to view all images made by a specific resource (including body horror) than not be able to view something at all because users decided they don't want them shown in the sample list of that resource. If people don't want to see body horror I think that's more an "option to hide certain nsfw tag types" feature than a cross-posts related thing.

And although I clearly don't want people doing this but if you REALLY didn't want a specific resource cited you could manually edit the image metadata and remove it.

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