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colors are washed after rendering in stable diffusion

Hi, I'd like to ask if anybody knows why the models tofumix and anonymix become colors are washed out at the end of rendering, it's like there's a filter being applied ?

4 Answers

You should use a VAE. In auto1111 you select them in the settings or just upload a file with the same name of the model you're using. Good vaes are kl-f8-anime2 and vae-ft-mse

That was it... thank you for you reply, very much appreciated !

I also have this question, but am not sure if I am looking at the correct information? Does this need to be changed in Settings->StableDiffusion every time I use a particular model? or are vae files like loras (kind of makes more sense as far as UI design is concerned)

I also have this question, is there any way to fix this without using a VAE?

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