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Functional model Research • Data hedging design flow

Functional model Research • Data hedging design flow
  1. During this period of time, I studied how to use models to innovate, create, and integrate some styles and forms that do not exist in the world at present. From a broad perspective, this may be a new design idea. Here, I roughly describe the process and purpose of this design flow, which may bring you some new ideas of AIGC: We know that the model can carry out styles and various kinds of fusion, at this time, if we choose two or more kinds of atlas for training, then the resulting model will have the characteristics and elements of these two styles and above. Of course, this is also roughly divided into two ideas, one is direct fine-tuning, and one is merge fusion, the difference between the two is more in the function we want to model, we don't talk about it for the moment. Then, after we have this model, we can add some specific things, such as slides, Windows, and other desired detail elements to adjust the model, and we can get a new model with fusion style and detailed features we want. At this time, we can try to achieve the effect we want in the drawing, or a different feeling. But what I want to say is that model making is not important, this technique and idea I mentioned back in April, so what is important? In the design work, whether we can temporarily break away from the traditional initial thinking of "conception" and "imitation", but into the thinking of "alchemy" and "combination medicine", directly obtain the model and generate images to achieve the design goal. The most important thing is that it concretizes our thinking and imagination through training models, relatively improving the efficiency of restoring and realizing their expressiveness.

  2. 这一段时间在研究如何使用模型进行创新、创作、融合出一些目前世界还不存在的风格、形式,从广泛的角度来讲,这或是一种新的设计思路。






  3. モデルを使ってイノベーションを起こしたり、今の世界にはないスタイルやスタイルを融合させたり、広い意味で新しいデザインのアイデアを生み出したりすることを研究しています。






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