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Prompt Guidance, Tags to Avoid and useful tags to include


This is a quick guidance going over some of the tags that deserved to be looked over again and not left to the auto-tagger. I make this because I often make the mistake of forgetting about some of these tags when generating new lora, and I personally think the difference is obvious when they are more appropriately looked over. This is not saying that auto-taggers shouldn't be used but rather saying what are some things worth a double check. So hopefully some of the information provided will help to make some of your lora training more effective.

The General Overview
When it comes to tagging especially for things such as style training appropriate labels of the image can be important. This includes proper separation for the many categories of tagging rather leaving it to generalized tags to blanket the whole subject. This guide will simply mention some of the more generalized tags recommended to be removed and then afterwards some recommended replacements as well as a link to the appropriate danbooru tag list, if none of the recommended are suitable. Most of these have been recognized by my own attempts on making different lora's and what I found helps them work best.
Each section is broken down into an explanation and a few examples though at the bottom of the article you'll find all the links and references again as well as a list you can copy into the taggers exclude tags section.
Unique Features and Better Replacements
Now for more unique features that aren't in your day-to-day imagery not only should they be tagged but you should check if there is any other tags that fit than the standard. This commonly an issue for more fantasy style art.
Horns aren't a very specific tag on there own and if training a character, or you want them to look a certain way you may want to consider a more specific tag that is suitable. Also If the horn's have decorations it is better to list the appropriate horn accessory tag rather than just the normal accessory.
skin-covered horns

If the horns are the same color as the rest of the characters body skin-covered horns would be a suitable tag. These types of horns would be like shuten douji (fate), and nakiri ayame.
(animal) horns
If the horns have a known animal distinction listing those would help it become more recognizable. Don't actually list "(animal) horns" list whatever animal your trying to specify instead. This can be things such as cow horns, goat horns, sheep horns and more. Also if trying to train antlers those have a few their own tags as well.
single horn / multiple horns
If more or less than the normal two horns on top of other horn tags its best to also include a specifier as well.
Horns Wiki | Danbooru (
Animal Ears
If using animal ears it is better to try to refer to what animal it's supposed to be from. If no unusual ears are shown in your image (just the standard human variety) no ear tag will be needed at all.
Cat Ears
This could also be rabbit ears, horse ears, so on and so forth just anything besides the standard animal ears tag.
Fake Animal Ears
This refers to animal ears as a prop and can mix with the other ear tags, if you can see an obvious headband this should an additional tag included. It also has a lesser scene opposite of fake human ears.
Extra Ears
If the character has more than two ears like for instance Pekora from hololive who has both human ears and rabbit ears the extra ear tag should be included.

The general tag wings can be used for any artwork featuring wings. However, it is recommended to consider more specific tags if applicable.

Feathered Wings

For wings that are composed of feathers, the feathered wings tag is appropriate. This tag is similar to angel wings but makes more sense when the wings are alternate colors.
Low wings / Head wings

If the wings aren't in the usual location, of about backpack height than a location tag such as low wings and head wings will be a good additional. Also if that isn't correct there is also a lesser used ankle wings.
Bat Wings / Demon Wings

In cases where the wings resemble those of a bat use the bat wings tag. If there is any alterations such as spikes, alternate colors, scales than demon wings should be used instead.

The general tag tail is another tag that doesn't detail enough when training on its own. Also if the tail isn't specific enough sometimes it can be blurred into the hair in the finished data set.

(animal) Tail

If the tail resembles that of a specific animal, such as a cat, fox, or wolf, it is advisable to include the corresponding animal tag.

Tail Ribbon

For tails with decorations similar to horns Tails have there own list for various accessories that can be listed rather then the normal accessory alone.

Multiple Tails

If the artwork depicts a character with multiple tails, such as in the case of kitsune or mythological creatures, it is recommended to include the multiple tails tag.
Clothing Tags
Some clothing types list types of clothes that belong to too broad a category. So here's a few things that can be done instead.
Not specific at all and often isn't detailed enough to make a working version to use in the negatives if you ever wanted to turn it off. Try finding the best matches such as socks, pantyhose, tights whatever the case may be.
Same situation as legwear except for the arms. Try things like elbow gloves, or fingerless gloves rather than the general glove tag. Also may not be a bad idea to include a tag like sleeveless if any training data has no arm wear at all, to make it easier to generate later.
Gloves Wiki | Danbooru (
-Open Clothes / Torn Clothes
Each article of clothing has its own torn/open tag it would be better to use the specified tag for the garment of clothing that way during generation you can prompt for singular pieces rather than affect the whole set.
Open Clothes Wiki | Danbooru (
Torn Clothes Wiki | Danbooru (
The Super General
These should be really obvious to avoid since they are way too unspecified so I won't list a ton of replacements but I will link appropriate links.

Just the general breasts tag doesn't really mean anything instead try listing the appropriate size.
Another tag that can mean almost anything: is it earrings, a diadem, bracers just list the appropriate tags rather than throwing the whole category at it.
I completely get it there is a lot of different weapons and it can sometimes be difficult to find the correct one. Attached is the weapon tag list but some weapons why on the site may not be listed in the tag category you can use the main danbooru site though and check if it shows up in the normal search bar. Also I'll link the danbooru auto tag completion which can be of assisstance to quickly see if a tag is listed correctly.
Weapon Wiki | Danbooru (
If a tag isn't listed for appropriate eye color and expression those can be found in the link below. This lets characters be more expressive during generation later on.
Tags to Include
These tags normally really help in later generation, and I will be the first to say I'm really bad at remembering them and often need to retrain a model to get more desired results.

Arm Positions
Auto Tagger sometimes will list a couple and their is no tag list that specifically list these, so here are the tags that I could find around hand and arm position. The closest group would be posture a link to that is below, but it is not quite the same.

  • crossed arms

  • arms up

  • arms at sides

  • spread arms

  • outstretched arms

  • arms behind back

  • arms behind head

  • arms around neck

  • arms between legs

  • hands on own hips

  • hand on own hip

  • clenched hand

  • clenched hands

  • v arms

  • w arms

  • locked arms

  • praying

  • own hands together

  • own hands clasped

  • interlocked fingers

  • steepled fingers

  • palms together

  • Heart Hands

  • hand on own head

  • Hand on own face

  • Hand on own cheek

  • Hand on own chin

  • scratching head

  • Hand on own forehead

  • hand between legs

  • hands in pockets

  • rubbing eyes

  • hug
Another one I commonly forget about is listing proper background details when training a character/style. This when specified will make it easier to generate components when the generating is done rather than have one background show up in all imagery. Even simply listing indoors and outdoors will show significant improvements. Also if the training data has out of focus backgrounds labeling 'blurry background'. There isn't a solid list on good background prop tags but here are some categories you can use.
Tree Wiki | Danbooru (
Chair Wiki | Danbooru (
For some quick copy and paste list to put in the exclude tag section:
breasts, wings, horns, tail, jewelry, weapon, animal ears, legwear, gloves, torn clothes, open clothes, thighs,
GitHub - toriato/stable-diffusion-webui-wd14-tagger: Labeling extension for Automatic1111's Web UI
Tag List
Horns Wiki | Danbooru (
Gloves Wiki | Danbooru (
Open Clothes Wiki | Danbooru (
Torn Clothes Wiki | Danbooru (
Weapon Wiki | Danbooru (
Tree Wiki | Danbooru (
Chair Wiki | Danbooru (
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