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Revolutionary Idea: LORA Training Labs (Let's Get Organized to Do Great Things)

Revolutionary Idea: LORA Training Labs (Let's Get Organized to Do Great Things)

What if instead of working separately on creating loras models, we joined together in small groups?

What if instead of focusing on creating loras in an integrated, sequential, and individualized way, we divided the process into small and simple parts for people with less technical knowledge? Supporting each other and speeding up the model creation process.

This post complements and gives meaning to the protocol I presented to the world last month, As some comments mentioned, and even a reviewer accused me of being "all talk," this is not a major technical change. I confirm this in this post, it is not meant to be. I have no idea how to make loras faster in that sense, but I can contribute speed and improvements in everything else. Let's be honest, there are very important bottlenecks in lora creation at an organizational level, many of which could be improved/solved with measures like this.

🆕 Summary or "Abstract" in general lines for lazy people, since some complain about the amount of text I put in my publications xD: (all this eliminates the examples, fancy marketing, and big words and explanations that I leave below)

  • A training laboratory is a server where different people coordinate or share resources to create more or better models.

  • Training laboratories solve many current problems in model creation (See Why is a training laboratory useful?)

  • We have to create more than one, with different moral rules to make it work without problems since reaching an agreement among everyone is very idealistic. (See How are we going to do it?))

  • Anyone who wants can share theirs in the comments of this post, we will add them to the post as time passes and they are trustworthy.

  • I leave some links and example resources of what a training laboratory could be, its presentation, rules, ways of doing things. All the links I share are from the training laboratory that I will launch soon

If you like the initiative and even want to participate, I encourage you to keep reading.

English link of full text:

Link del texto completo español:

Why do I use my website in Notion instead of writing full text here in Civitai?

Since it is a very repeated question, I am going to answer it, it is easier for me to update my articles in Notion, in addition Notion allows me to have collaborators to be able to make articles jointly, I can also divide into pages and subsections, among many others things.