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What's new this week with Civitai - 7/7/2023


What's new this week with Civitai

  • Improved Search: V1 is in early access for Supporters! It's much faster and quite a bit more usable. Not done yet though, image/prompt search and tag filtering coming in the next update!

  • Comfy metadata: We now support metadata for images generated in ComfyUI! So all you folks trying Comfy for the first time because of its SDXL support can now share the workflow for your creation.

  • SD XL: It's leaked, and we have support for it on the site. We've uploaded an official version we received from Stability that's currently not available to download until they give the okay, but you can use it to check the hash to ensure you have the right file. There are already some fine tunes up for it!

  • Contest Poll: Results are in! The next contest we'll do is the long overdue 404-page contest (because damn those pages are boring and who doesn't want to be greeted with a surprise?), followed closely by a training contest! Prizes may or may not, but definitely do, include 4090's (plural)

Community Spotlight: Resources Now you can spoof some really unsettling ransom notes Haven't played D4 yet but dang is this well done. Neon Rainbow Tears, what's not to love? Robots are cool. This makes cool robots. Got a crucifix? Flip it, then make it a fractal ♅☨⚸⚝☥

Fun Stats

  • 3,088 New resources

  • 10.7M Downloads (11.9PB of downloads)

  • 11.9k New reviews

  • 9k New comments

  • 18.1k New posts

  • 81 New articles

  • 231 New creators

  • 80.6k New images

  • 245k New image reactions