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Portrait photo review of Dreamshaper 7 and Afterburn

Portrait photo review of Dreamshaper 7 and Afterburn


Today we have on the plate those two recent models that released new versions on pretty much the same day: - ICBINP: Afterburn (by @residentchiefnz) - Dreamshaper 7 (by @Lykon)

One is known for photorealism already but the other claims to improve in that regard, so let's give it a spin :)

The basics: 4284 outputs generated (2142 per model). Afterward, all the samples were classified either into good or bad categories. (the 'bad' consists of fails in a technical sense as well as not recognized faces).

Yes, this is not a general-purpose comparison or review of the models. It is done in the context of generating faces of people (in the context of my models). So this is pretty much: how well those models behave in conjunction with mine. Still, that tells a lot about those models themself so I encourage you to look at the samples :)

So, first are the samples:


Dreamshaper -

Afterburn -


Dreamshaper -

Afterburn -

And here are the stats:

  "models": [
      "good": 1623,
      "bad": 519,
      "overall": 1104,
      "model": "icbinpICantBelieveIts_afterburn",
      "sum": 2142,
      "ratio": "3.13",
      "percentage": "75.77"
      "good": 1515,
      "bad": 627,
      "overall": 888,
      "model": "dreamshaper_7",
      "sum": 2142,
      "ratio": "2.42",
      "percentage": "70.73"

Afterburn with 76% and Dreamshaper with 71%!

Both are excellent models (but considering who made them - did we really have any doubts about that?)

As a reminder, RV3 got a score of 72%

This is a really good progress for ICBINP (Afterburn) since the previous version that I tested had a score of 47%.

But I am also pleasantly surprised about the Dreamshaper. I would not label it as a photorealism model however what is clearly evident in the samples is that the likeness of a person is captured perfectly (something I could not really do with other great models such as deliberate or rev animated). If you want to go for a mix of rendered / realistic / animated look - then Dreamshaper is the way to GO!

Both are pretty much a pinnacle (at this point) of what 1.5 SD can do! Well done, residentchiefnz and Lykon!

I will definitely be using both in the future for my samples!

P.S. I have collected the list of other (newer/older) models that you've commented about in other comparisons - and I will definitely take them for a spin.

However, I'm not sure when I'll make the guide, because I'm currently doing many various things (some of which I can't talk about :P). Just saying that it is a great time for SD and will be even greater!