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[Overview] Collection of GUIDES and KNOWLEDGE around SD and generative AI



I started with SD not long ago. Generating images, finding out about TI, HyperNetworks and LoRAs etc. Influencing image compositions with ControlNet, Openpose, Composable LoRA and so on and on and on...

On my journey I was always looking for input, knowledge and guides to help me achieve my minor goals. I collected quite a few bookmarks and found that it's time to organize them in one place.

I used a tool that helps me organize my teacher stuff. It's a kind of bulletin board. Adding, removing and categorizing is easy to handle.

All items on the board helped me on my journey and it's far from over. If you feel like a guide or resource you value should be included, tell me in the comments.

Don't expect a full list of everything that's possible, but it should cover some major topics.

Link to Board