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Next LoRA Vote #29 [OnHold]

Next LoRA Vote #29 [OnHold]

Last Vote[#28] Results : Slime Tech 🔵 - World Morph

-- another sticky one--

-- Thanks to your continuous feedback on [📌 LoRA Ideas Pinboard] there's no shortage of interesting ideas, that's why I'll try to hold these votes as frequently as possible for you to decide what comes next 😉--

  • I'll Try to reopen this poll weekly on Mondays.

  • all voting options are randomly picked at random from the waiting list, give more chance for older ideas.

  • I'll roll dice in case of a draw


Vote #29 [OnHold]


-- if you have any other idea or just want to track creation progress please use [📌 LoRA Ideas Pinboard] article --