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General Plans for the Future

General Plans for the Future


If you've seen any of what I've been doing, you probably know that I'm trying to create LoRAs for use in rpgs. Primarily medieval rpgs (e.g.; D&D, Pathfinder, whatever), but I am going to extend that into other genres at some point when I feel like doing something different. Probably Lovecraftian stuff will be interspersed as well (e.g.; Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green).

I'm pretty busy at work these days, so I'm trying to find some time to get more in. I ran through most of the lower level and common mobs, but still have some stragglers to take care of.

I'm also adding a bunch of homebrew monsters that I've been using in a campaign, so there will be a slew of random creatures that many people have never seen. I'll post some stats for play for those creatures if anyone is interested.

If you have specific beings/npcs that you may want to see, post them in comments and I will take them into consideration. Sometimes I'm getting stuck on a particular entity and someone else's idea or suggestion may be a welcome change or reinforcement as to what I want to do.

Anyhow, cheers and hope you enjoy!


From now on, both 1.5 and XLs. 1.5 first and then XLs once I'm happy with them. I will be using larger format training images than is needed for 1.5, so the XL should go smoothly. I may up some of the XL training images at times, but on a case-by-case basis.

I did notice the size of the XL LoRAs is pretty significant. I'm going to do some investigation into lowering the file size of the XL LoRAs while keeping the resolution still at 1k by 1k or higher for all training images. If I get near to the same visual detail with a lower file size, I'll be happy.

I think I'll probably end up doing 1.5's first and then do a whole batch of XLs when I have the time; but I will get the XL's in, too.

Short List of Critters

My current Short List include the following, but it will more than likely change depending on my whims or other people's suggestions, etc. I wish I could put in a table here, but this list will have to do.

  • Bandit (might revisit this one)

  • Wolves (pretty decent)

  • Giant Spiders (very happy with this)

  • Ghoul (pretty decent)

  • Ghast (ok for now)

  • Dire Wolf (fun enough)

  • Wight (pretty decent, might get some more range capable training images, but good detail)

  • Wraith (pretty happy with wraith - some decent variations)

  • Giant Beetle (perhaps a bit too auto but still pretty cool)

  • Spectre (decent - will return at some point, but good for now)

  • Shadow (pretty decent - got ranges - could be more ethereal)

  • Ghost (decent, will work on it, but I like the style)

  • Banshee (liking it!)

  • Witch (decent enough, will expand)

  • Hag (pretty good and nasty)

  • Quasit (aren't they cute for little demons?)

  • Giant Centipede (pretty solid, though a bit illustrative)

  • Hill Giant (decent, need to add females, maybe more brutish)

  • Stone Giant (very pleased)

  • Wyvern (I like it, but it could be better)

  • Griffon (needs work, but you can get some decent griffons)

  • Harpy (could be better, but i very much like it)

  • Werewolf (good enough for now)

  • Ankheg (needs better mandibles, but still nasty looking - working on xl version, too)

  • Drow (pretty solid)

  • Beggar (ok - both 1.5 and xl delivered)

  • Farmer (ok - both 1.5 and xl delivered)

  • Animal Trainer (ok - both 1.5 and xl)

  • Jester / Clown (I'm pretty happy with both 1.5 and xl versions)

  • Loxodons (surprisingly happy with the outcome)

  • Minotaur (happy with 1.5, XL just fine)

  • Centaur (tough but good for now)

  • Werefox / Foxfolk (both xl and 1.5 are great imho)

  • Fire Giant (decent 1.5 and xl)

  • Storm Giant (not my favorite, but you can get some good shots)

  • Ettercap (happy with both version - fit how he see ettercaps)

  • Displacer Beast (can be improved, but can get some decent images out of it)

  • Troll (solid trollies for both)

  • Gargoyle (I like both, but the XL especially)

  • Nightgaunt (I like 1.5 but XL is over trained - still good but drop the contribution)

  • Tsoggu (I like 1.5 but XL is over trained - still good but drop the contribution)

  • Deep One (like them, perhaps a bit too hostile looking, but meh, still good)

  • Mummy (like them both, XL especially)

  • Fire Elemental (happy with both 1.5 and XL)

  • Water Elemental (happy with both 1.5 and XL except that it's tough to get blue skin)

  • Earth Elemental (fun times in the mtns!)

  • Air Elemental (very happy with results)

  • Time Elemental (it's a start :) tough to pick but good for now )

  • Githyanki (there are issues, but pretty decent overall)

  • Mind Flayer (decent enough)

  • Intellect Devourer (reasonable enough)

  • Hell Hound (reasonable)

  • Manticore (ok for now)

  • Phase Spider (XL better than 1.5 for what it's worth)

  • Winter Wolf (both solid enough)

  • Mu'agh (flying jellyfish) (definitely good)

  • Teqeqmu (flying gas bag) (XL more solid but less variable, 1.5 has some crazy fun)

  • Kayi (jellyfish beholders - cnidarians are done!) (pretty solid)

  • Merfolk Female (happy with XL especially, 1.5 is just fine)

  • Merfolk Male (like the ladies, the XL mermen beat out the 1.5, although 1.5 is fine)

  • Satyr (tough getting those hooves in, but both versions work ok)

  • Pixie (both 1.5 and XL are solid)

  • Lich (both 1.5 and XL are decent enough)

  • Hadozee / Winged Apes (they're ok for now)

  • Harengon / Rabbit Folk (xl was super ez to get images, 1.5 is ok though fun images)

  • Firbolg (decent on both)

  • Genasi (just use the elementals - they're pretty awesome in their own right)

  • Dragonkin (very armor warrior focused, but decent)

  • Vringalu (1.5 is ok and can have good variety, XL is solid)

  • Lamassu (1.5 is ok and XL is pretty awesome)

  • Tortles (they're fun - good enough)

  • Nightmare (both decent)

  • Sphinx (1.5 is pretty bad, but the XL is much better - I have to revisit but not now)

  • Ogre Shaman (ogre? orc? it's a successful big green guy!)

  • Nightelf (decent enough on both - just need less bias on stopping blue skin)

  • Mimic (decent - I might revisit for more containers)

  • Royalty (both pretty decent)

  • Werebear/Bear Folk (works for me!)

  • Snow Leopard (decent - didn't know I needed it until I did)

  • Shambling Mound (decent; a bit anthropomorphic, but decent)

  • Basilisk (decent, XL really has some decent potential)

  • Blink Dog (ok for now, I wish I could get the multiples to work better)

  • Hippogriff (decent enough)

  • Remoraz (pretty happy with them, though they could use more legs)

  • Will-o'-Wisp (I'm happy with what the models produce)

  • Bulette (pretty decent)

  • Drider (not the best, but they work - very tough to construct)

  • Wereboar (decent enough - works with many checkpoints)

  • Xorn (not the best, but passable)

  • Roper

  • Otyugh

  • Weretiger

  • Death Dog

  • Chimera (I'll return to these later - the 3 heads is causing issues with StabDiff)