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PSA Getting your LoRA Tagged Against Generated Images

Jul 17, 2023
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PSA Getting your LoRA Tagged Against Generated Images

I noticed several resource tagging issues today in the CivitAI A1111 extension that stop LoRAs and LoCons from being tagged, hopefully this can be fixed. I will attached a patch file that can be applied to the extension under 'stable-diffusion-webui\extensions\sd_civitai_extension' so CivitAI can fix or you can apply locally.


This doesn't seem to be fully implemented in the CivitAI extension and so will not properly tag without the patch or CivitAI fixing the extension.


A111 identifies the LoRA network internally and in the prompt by the ss_output_name in the safetensor's metadata

CivitAI tries to match the name from the prompt with the LoRA filename. To get CivitAI to tag your LoRA, the ss_output_name should match the filename. To fix the output name to match your file name you can extract the metadata, fix it, and then reimport it with these tools This needs to be done before publishing.

As a short term workaround there is another setting: , but this will make the prompt hard to reproduce because it will use LoRA filename and the default prompt behavior uses ss_output_name.