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ComfyUI Master Tutorial - Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) - Install On PC, Google Colab (Free) & RunPod

ComfyUI Master Tutorial - Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) - Install On PC, Google Colab (Free) & RunPod

#ComfyUI is a node based powerful and modular Stable Diffusion GUI and backend. This UI will let you design and execute advanced Stable Diffusion pipelines using a graph/nodes/flowchart based interface. In this video I will teach you how to install ComfyUI on PC, Google Colab (Free) and RunPod. I will also show you how to install and use #SDXL with ComfyUI including how to do inpainting and use LoRAs with ComfyUI. This is the Zero to Hero ComfyUI tutorial.

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0:00 Introduction to the 0 to Hero ComfyUI tutorial

1:26 How to install ComfyUI on Windows

2:15 How to update ComfyUI

2:55 To to install Stable Diffusion models to the ComfyUI

3:14 How to download Stable Diffusion models from Hugging Face

4:08 How to download Stable Diffusion x large (SDXL)

5:17 Where to put downloaded VAE and Stable Diffusion model checkpoint files in ComfyUI installation

6:07 How to start / run ComfyUI after installation

6:30 Start using ComfyUI - explanation of nodes and everything

7:52 How to add a custom VAE decoder to the ComfyUI

8:22 Image saving and saved image naming convention in ComfyUI

8:44 Queue system of ComfyUI - best feature

9:48 How to save workflow in ComfyUI

10:07 How to use generated images to load workflow

10:54 How to use SDXL with ComfyUI

13:29 How to batch add operations to the ComfyUI queue

13:57 How to generate multiple images at the same size

15:01 File name prefixs of generated images

15:22 SDXL base image vs refiner improved image comparison

15:49 How to disable refiner or nodes of ComfyUI

16:30 Where you can find shorts of ComfyUI

17:18 How to enable back nodes

17:38 How to use inpainting with SDXL with ComfyUI

20:43 How to use SDXL refiner as the base model

20:57 How to use LoRAs with SDXL

23:06 How to see ComfyUI is processing the which part of the workflow

23:48 How to learn more about how to use ComfyUI

24:47 Where is the ComfyUI support channel

25:01 How to install and use ComfyUI on a free Google Colab

28:10 How to download SDXL model into Google Colab ComfyUI

30:33 How to use ComfyUI with SDXL on Google Colab after the installation

32:45 Testing out SDXL on a free Google Colab

33:40 You can use SDXL on a low VRAM machine but how

34:10 How to download all images generated on Google Colab

36:18 How to install and use ComfyUI (latest version) on RunPod including SDXL

37:19 Where to learn how to use RunPod

38:40 Instructions to the manual installation of ComfyUI on a RunPod

41:52 How to start ComfyUI after the installation

43:19 How to very fast download generated images on a RunPod with runpodctl

44:06 How to download SDXL on RunPod manually

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