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Vacation & Request Form

Hello, fellow meme enjoyers, Civit mods, and comrades!

Daily LoRA's

First of all, I hope everyone is doing well. Some of you may have noticed that my daily releases have decreased to one per day instead of the usual 3-6 LoRAs. This is mainly due to the fact that my personal life has become more demanding. Being a full-time student, juggling two part-time jobs, and going to the gym almost every day, in addition to uploading content on Civitai, has proven to be quite overwhelming for me. As a result, I'm feeling a bit burned out at the moment.


I will be going on vacation in a week to fully recover. Unfortunately, the timing is a bit unfortunate as SDXL is right around the corner. My best option is to wait for the release of NAIXL or a similar update, so that I can potentially upgrade some of my models to it.

However, my daily uploads will continue until my vacation, and I have also prepared 10 LoRAs to be released every 2 days at UTC/GMT 4 am, 0 EST, and 9 pm PST while I'm away. These uploads have already been scheduled and are ready to go live to keep you all entertained during my absence.

Request Form

I plan to open a request form after my vacation. Please note that I do not create NSFW content. My focus is mainly on concepts, memes, and occasionally characters. It's important to mention that I provide these LoRAs for free, so there is a possibility that I may not fulfill a request if I don't find it suitable or if the dataset provided is insufficient. However, those who provide a dataset will receive priority in having their LoRAs completed faster.

Unlimited Blade Works (UBW)

My plan is to update UBW to version 1.6 before I go on vacation. This update will include more training steps, additional epochs, and an expanded dataset. Upon my return from vacation, I will explore the possibility of retraining it on NAIXL (RIP Google Collab computing power), although that is a plan for the distant future.

Final Thoughts

It has been a delightful journey with all of you. We shared laughter and joy every day, creating both cursed and blessed memes. If any of you would like to stay in touch with me during my vacation, you can find me on Novowels Discord.

Until then.